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Adolescent Services

Adolescent Services

Adolescent Mental Health IOP Telehealth Services

For information and appointments, call 307-439-2139

Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Treatment (MH-IOP) services are designed to support patients (ages 13-17) experiencing a variety of mental and behavioral health care challenges. Patients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, impulse control, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, self-harm and other diagnosable mental health concerns or challenges will participate in nine hours of group therapy a week, usually for 4-6 weeks. Participants may also attend individual and family therapy outside of MH-IOP services.

MH-IOP supports the patient in an outpatient setting enabling them to attend school and participate in work or other activities while receiving structured support. The WBI MH-IOP program runs three evenings a week from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

IOP uses Expressive Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and other skills-based treatment methods to develop a goal-directed treatment plan to increase each patient’s functioning and ability to find joy in life. Participation in IOP will require attendance and participation in all weekly sessions, a complete intake/clinical assessment and telehealth orientation, and may require a referral from a physician/psychiatrist as well as a completed medical assessment (with physical/health screening by a physician if indicated).

Individual Teletherapy

Individual teletherapy provides support that inspires change and promotes a better quality of life. Individual therapy can help individuals overcome obstacles impacting their wellbeing. Youth learn coping skills, improve their decision-making ability and self-awareness, work toward recovery from trauma and grief, improve their ability to manage their mental health, learn to set and achieve goals and improve their overall function.

Family Teletherapy

Family teletherapy helps families address specific issues affecting their health and functioning. Family therapy provides support for children or parents suffering from mental illness, assists in the development of problem-solving, communication, and coping skills and promotes the development of strengths families need to overcome challenges such as trauma, grief and loss, anger and stress.

Group Teletherapy

Group teletherapy is designed to help with mental illness, trauma, impulse control, self-harm, grief and loss, and other challenges by working with others who are experiencing similar life challenges.

Seek Help Today

To speak with a member of our outpatient telehealth clinic team, give us a call at 307-439-2139 or you can reach us via email at [email protected].